5 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

We at the Red Deer dental clinic of Dr. Caroline Krivuzoff-Sanderson like to keep our patients informed of the latest techniques and all their options when visiting the dentist. One of the services not everyone knows about is sedation dentistry. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: for any patient who is nervous about going to the dentist for one reason or another, we can offer sedation during your regular cleaning or other procedure to help you relax. Here are five great reasons to consider sedation dentistry:

1. Reduce Your Gag Reflex

We understand that, no matter which of the Red Deer dental clinics you go to, having instruments in your mouth can be uncomfortable. For some people who naturally have an easily activated gag reflex, it can be much worse. A mild sedative can greatly reduce your gag reflex, making dental cleanings or procedures a much more comfortable experience.

2. Allows You to Get Many of Your Procedures Out of the Way Quickly

Perhaps the most practical benefit of sedation dentistry is that it can allow you to get many of your procedures out of the way at the same time. Without sedation, there’s only so much dentistry we can do in a single visit. It can be exhausting and, if you’re nervous at the dentist, unpleasant. With sedation dentistry, however, patients may report a calm feeling in the dentist chair and, since sedation has amnesic properties, sometimes may not be able to remember the procedure at all.

3. Less Pain

There are a lot of nerves and blood vessels in your face and mouth. For some people who are naturally more sensitive to having their gums and teeth cleaned, the dentist visit can be a very painful experience. Sedation dentistry can greatly reduce the amount of pain you experience.

4. Reduces Anxiety

For some people, anxiety about going to the dentist is very real. It can be so bad that some people refuse to get dental care at all. Sedation dentistry is one of the ways to relieve the worst of anxiety. Many people report experiencing even a simple cleaning as much shorter if done under sedation.

5. No Lasting Side Effects

For most patients, the dentist’s careful and comfortable techniques are enough to reassure patients and relieve any anxiety. For those patients who need a little more help, however, sedation dentistry is a great option that has no lasting side effects, so your every trip to the dentist can be as stress-free as possible.

If you need to make a dentist appointment at a Red Deer dental clinic, or simply want to learn more about sedation dentistry, contact us today. At the clinic of Dr. Caroline Krivuzoff-Sanderson, we are committed to providing suitable dental care for our guests and comfortable dentist visits.