Don't Waste Time! Five Things to Do Until You Reach Your Dental Clinic

Dental clinic visits are not something anyone looks forward to with excitement, but it is a necessary part of oral healthcare. However, maintaining your oral health is as much your responsibility as it is your dentist's. Without regular care from you, your oral health can deteriorate quickly.

Dr. Caroline Krivuzoff-Sanderson has been providing dental services in Red Deer, Alberta, for a long time. She believes in making dental clinic visits a positive and satisfying experience. In this blog, there are a few factors that can help you prepare to have a hassle-free dental experience, and they are:

  • Brush and floss 
    In between your visits to the dentist, make sure you are brushing and flossing as recommended. Do not ignore your teeth and gums until the last second and then overcompensate by flossing more than necessary before visiting the dental clinic. This will leave your gums irritated and sensitive and make it harder for the dentist to make a correct assessment of your dental condition. 
  • Remove oral jewelry and lipstick
    Leave all your oral jewelry out when you visit your dentist. Although it is possible to maintain good hygiene even with piercings and rings, jewelry isn't conducive to dental examinations. The same goes for lipstick. Lipstick can hide discolorations that could be indicative of underlying oral issues. Make sure when you present your mouth to your dentist, it is free of any obstacles that might hinder a thorough examination.
  • Eat after the appointment
    The scent of your last meal can be off-putting to a dentist trying to focus on your oral issues. Do not eat anything within the hour of your dental appointment for the benefit of your dentist. It is better to have your meal after the checkup.
  • Familiarize your child with the dental clinic
    Preparing your child for a dental appointment is no walk in the park. The dental clinic is an alien space for children, causing them to panic and become upset. It helps to set a dentist routine, which includes offering them a comforting experience before and after the appointments. You could try taking them to have a smoothie or ice cream. Familiarization helps to overcome fears, so you can also try taking your kids along with you when you have your dentist appointments to show them that you are going through with it, too, without fear. Learn more about the different ways to alleviate dental anxiety for children in our blog.
  • Make a note of what you want to ask
    In between your dentist appointments, you would have noticed changes or any new issues in your mouth. Make a note, and be prepared to bring them up during your next dental appointment. This will help the dentist to pick up on the issues with more efficiency, and you can be well informed about whether or not you should be worried about any particular changes.

You should always consult a dentist when you have any issues in your mouth. Some oral conditions don’t appear in an obvious manner, so any discomfort or changes that you might notice must be brought to the dentist’s notice for examination. Dr. Caroline Krivuzoff-Sanderson is invested in making your dental visits as comfortable as possible. We offer general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventative dentistry among a variety of other dental services.