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Five Myths About Dental Surgery

Dental surgery can be scary for anyone to face, even if the operation is going to be “simple”. It’s very normal to be a little anxious and have a lot of concerns running through your mind, but sometimes our worries will be based more on myths than facts. A regular person will not know how to differentiate between myths and reality related to dental surgery. In this blog, Dr. Caroline has debunked five dental surgery myths to keep you updated.

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A few myths that you shouldn’t consider when it comes to dental surgery are:


All Dental Surgeries Are Painful

For nearly all dental surgeries, sedation is administered routinely, meaning that you shouldn’t feel any pain during surgery. As these will wear off, you may feel discomfort, but many medications can be taken to alleviate it.


Surgical Sedatives Are Not Safe

Any medication that’s advised by your dentist has already undergone extensive testing before being approved for public use and extreme side effects are very rare. You can also be confident that your dental surgeon has been trained on the use of aesthetic medication. A qualified dental surgeon also undergoes periodic skills recertification.


Recovery After Surgery Takes a Lot of Time

If you are scared of not performing your daily duties after oral surgery, you may be surprised to know that the average recovery time is mostly one week. It can be shortened further if you are following your doctor’s advice, such as taking medications as prescribed, rinsing with salt water and not smoking.


All Dental Surgeons Are the Same

Look up your practitioner’s credentials before agreeing to undergo treatment because not all dental specialists are licensed oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Check reviews and comments from previous patients to know your dental surgeon’s history.


A General Dentist Is Same as an Oral Surgeon

While general dentists are trained and qualified to perform teeth cleaning and simple tooth extractions, anything more complex is better left to licensed oral and maxillofacial surgeons as they have more specialized training.


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