Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry in Red Deer

Cosmetic dentistry has a Hollywood ring to it, doesn’t it? But it’s not just for the rich and famous. Today, almost anybody can benefit from the know-how of a cosmetic dentist, with incredible results.

So, what distinguishes a cosmetic dentist from a regular dentist?

  • In truth there is a lot of overlap between the two. Both will be familiar with dental bridges, crowns, implants and dentures, for example.
  • What sets cosmetic dentists apart is their mastery of advanced teeth whitening and bleaching techniques, porcelain veneers, tooth straightening and restoration, and bonding techniques.

Here is a look at some myths regarding cosmetic dentistry:

  • You need a movie star’s income to pay for it. In fact, advances in science and technology have lowered prices. Check with your insurance company, because many will cover at least in part much cosmetic dentistry. Taking care of an issue now could prevent much more expensive work later. And ask your dentist about options that fit your budget.
  • Your natural teeth will suffer. Not so. Good cosmetic dentists will do everything in their power to preserve as much of your natural teeth as they can, which will, in most instances, extend their lifespan.
  • Cosmetic dentistry takes forever. Some procedures, like ceramic reconstruction, can be performed in a single visit!
  • Ouch. No longer. Advances in technology make most processes safer, less invasive and easier. Translation? Less pain.
  • Planned obsolescence. Bonding, veneers and dental implants can last for 15 years or more if you take good care of them. Teeth whitening may require a follow-up visit or two.
  • Fake-looking. Again, advances in technology mean that the work of good cosmetic dentists today will hardly be distinguishable from your natural teeth.
  • DIY kits are as effective. Research shows that professional teeth whitening and bleaching is safer and more effective than DIY. 
  • Cosmetic surgery is a waste of money for seniors. On the contrary. They can often benefit from repositioned teeth and a corrected misaligned bite. And why shouldn’t seniors also benefit from the nice smile that results from correcting damaged and discolored teeth?!
  • It’s only for the vain! Sure, cosmetic dentistry does have a lot to do with aesthetics, but have you considered the other factors at play? Replacing/repairing broken or missing teeth may prevent pain and further tooth loss in the future. And it’s hard to beat a nice smile to build self-confidence and attain wellbeing. Sensible cosmetic dental work will almost certainly increase your overall quality of life.

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