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Dr. Caroline has invested in the following technology to help our team provide dental services to you and allow for greater understanding.

Digital x-rays

Digital x-ray

Digital x-ray images are instantly available and with chairside monitors you are able to easily see large images of your teeth to aid you in understanding your dental condition.

Intra-oral Digital Cameras

intra oral digital image

"You see what we see!" Using a small digital camera (similar in size to a pen) and our chair-side monitors, we are able to show you clear and detailed pictures of the exact condition of your mouth. It is much better than using a hand mirror!

ZOOM! Tooth Whitening

Our in-office dental whitening treatment uses this Zoom! Light to activate the bleaching gel applied to your teeth.

Air abrasion

Our air abrasion dental unit is similar in function to a miniature sandblaster. It allows us to remove very small amounts of tooth structure, decay and stain in keeping with our principle of minimally-invasive dentistry. Many procedures can be completed without discomfort, noise or vibration.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Screening

Our airway tests and home sleep monitors assist us to help our patients rule out or lead them to a diagnosis of the sleep related breathing disorder called Sleep Apnea.

Digital Panoramic X-ray Machine

digital panoramic x-ray machine

This x-ray machine allows us a panoramic view of the all the teeth, the sinus cavities, the jaw joints, the jaw bone, and other surrounding structures. With our chair-side monitors, you are able to see all these structures up close. This x-ray is invaluable in diagnosing oral diseases, eruption patterns, and the location of unerupted teeth.

Multimedia Patient Education

Along with information from our knowledgeable staff members, dental procedures are also explained in great detail through short videos and models.

Oral Cancer Screening Light (Velscope)


Since 2007, Dr. Caroline and our team have used this technology to identify areas of concern for further follow up and examination.

Dental Microscope

The dental microscope offers Dr. Caroline the ability to see detail up to 19 times larger than the naked eye. This technology gives her the visibility and illumination to see very precisely and is useful in root canal treatment or to help locate cracks in teeth.

dental microscope images

Smile at 2x and 19x normal size as seen through the microscope
Photos courtesy of Dr. Glenn van As


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